Rave Reviews from Char’s Horror Corner


Ever visited Char’s Horror Corner? Well, you oughtta. She reviews the kind of books you like to read.

From her website: “I specialize in Dark Fiction reviews including Horror, Dark Fantasy, Splatterpunk, Horror of the 70’s & 80’s, and Graphic Novels. I also read and review classics, true crime, thrillers and audio books of all genres except Romance.”

She was kind enough to give us a couple of reviews for the Double Barrel Horror chapbooks. Click the following links to check out her reviews of:

Punk Rock Re-Animator and Holes by Chad Lutzke


There Will Be Angels and Marlene the Magnificent by John Boden



Simon Dewar’s ‘Double Barrel Horror’ chapbook gets a New Review!


Readers love the DBH series!

From Confessions of a Reviewer:

“After reading these two stories, I will definitely be seeking out more of Simon Dewar. His writing is great. It’s uncomplicated. He gets to the point without needing flamboyant scenes or back stories but more importantly, he grabs your interest. You will be intrigued by what is going to happen and the stories are the type that you may not normally have read, but when you start, you can’t stop.” — Nev Murray

Check out the entire review of “Black Rock Boys” and “The Perfect Figure Eight” HERE!

Review: OF FOSTER HOMES & FLIES by Chad Lutzke

Chad Lutzke, who contributed two stories to Double Barrel Horror Vol. 2, also authored Of Foster Homes and Flies, a novella that seems to be loved by everyone who reads it.

From the back cover:


I highly recommend it, and here’s a quick review I typed after finishing the book…


Chad Lutzke’s Of Foster Homes and Flies mines a heartwarming coming-of-age tale from the grimmest of circumstances. Twelve-year-old Denny already leads a fairly sad and lonely existence when his troubled home life comes crashing down in the most wrenching of ways. Facing the prospect of being ripped from his house and forced to live with strangers, he decides to pursue one last hurrah in the form of the school spelling bee before succumbing to the will of authorities. Time is of the essence, and he has but a few days to complete the plan before the law and the neighbors get wise to his scheme.

Even the most jaded of readers will have a lump in their throat as they pull for Denny at every turn to defy the odds and achieve a small moment of personal success – a small moment that means everything to someone who has so little.

Highly recommended. Read this book, and you’ll be a better human.

Amazon link is HERE.


New review of DBHV2 from The Monster Librarian!

The Monster Librarian approves of Double Barrel Horror Volume 2, and you will too!

“Each of these authors present tales of terror that, while short, sit with the reader for a long time after finishing them. Weber selected some great authors for Double-Barrel Horror Volume 2. It’s clear he has an eye for horror. Recommended for those with ironclad stomachs.” … Check out the entire review HERE!


‘Double Barrel Horror’ at HORROR NOVEL REVIEWS!

We got a nice review of the Double Barrel Horror series at HORROR NOVEL REVIEWS courtesy Paula Limbaugh:

Double Barrel Horror from Pint Bottle Press is a great way to check out some amazing authors and their stories. Each book gives us two short stories. I love that these are broken down this way rather than buying a full-size book that I may end up only liking a few of the tales. They make for a quick entertaining read and it’s a great way to check out an author that you may have not read before.” Read the entire review HERE!

TEETH MARKS now available for Kindle!

Teeth Marks

My third collection of short horror stories is now available for Kindle download … and it goes for the throat! Twelve Twisted Tales from America’s Deep South … Psychotic Killers, Bloodthirsty Monsters and Ghastly Specters from Beyond the Grave!

If you dig fast-paced tales of terror soaked with suspense, gore, dark humor and shocking twists, then give it a shot. Paperback is forthcoming. Click HERE to learn more!

‘Detritus in Love’ Review

Author John Boden joined forces with Mercedes Yardley on this collaborative novella, and you should check it out. Here’s the review I just posted to Amazon:


Detritus in Love is a dark fantasy about doomed love and inescapable fate. Authors John Boden and Mercedes Yardley establish their surrealistic world from the very first page, courtesy of a ghoulish visit from a dead man with a warning: The Opposite is coming for young Detritus, and will bring with it death and heartache wherever Detritus seeks love and hope. With his spectral best friend Schultz and his girlfriend Blank, who has Xs for eyes, Det embarks on a journey of magical realism that’s heavy on the magic, and the authors give life to this dreamlike experience with vivid imagery and metaphorical flourishes that are just as evocative as they are descriptive. It’s a haunting tale of love, death and one boy’s search for beauty in an ugly world, a story that will linger with you well after the last page. — Weber

Buy it at Amazon HERE!