‘Detritus in Love’ Review

Author John Boden joined forces with Mercedes Yardley on this collaborative novella, and you should check it out. Here’s the review I just posted to Amazon:


Detritus in Love is a dark fantasy about doomed love and inescapable fate. Authors John Boden and Mercedes Yardley establish their surrealistic world from the very first page, courtesy of a ghoulish visit from a dead man with a warning: The Opposite is coming for young Detritus, and will bring with it death and heartache wherever Detritus seeks love and hope. With his spectral best friend Schultz and his girlfriend Blank, who has Xs for eyes, Det embarks on a journey of magical realism that’s heavy on the magic, and the authors give life to this dreamlike experience with vivid imagery and metaphorical flourishes that are just as evocative as they are descriptive. It’s a haunting tale of love, death and one boy’s search for beauty in an ugly world, a story that will linger with you well after the last page. — Weber

Buy it at Amazon HERE!


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