Romero Left His Mark on Me


I’ve never met George Romero, but the man’s work left an indelible mark on the 41-year-old man I’ve become. I can say that about very few people, and that sort of influence–that sort of inspiration–is what most artists strive to achieve. So, to George Romero I say, congratulations on a job well done. May you find peace in the Hereafter.

Night of the Living Dead remains possibly my favorite horror film of all time. From the gooseflesh I get every time I hear Johnny tease his sister, “They’re coming to get you, Barbara” to the final montage of violence after the shocking, ironic climax, the movie is a model of quality horror entertainment.

But as a kid of the ’80s, I actually draw my strongest influence from the Romero-Stephen King mashup anthology, Creepshow. If you’ve never seen it, punch yourself in the nose as punishment and then go buy it and watch it hundreds of times. If I’m to be honest, virtually every line of every horror story I’ve ever written is my attempt to recreate in my readers the same giddy excitement this wonderful movie gives me every time I view it. It’s a perfect blend of shocks, suspense, creative gore and devilish humor that I endeavor to produce … and surely fall short of achieving … but dang it, I keeping getting closer.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Romero. You will be missed.

–  Matthew Weber




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