Five Minutes with the Sisters of Slaughter

Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason are the twin writing team known as “The Sisters of Slaughter” who are soaring in popularity after their well-received book Mayan Blue was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award “for Superior Achievement in a First Novel.” That’s the kind of publicity that some writers would kill for (an Kill, and KILL AGAIN!).

I first crossed paths with the sisters a few years ago when our stories ended up in a couple of anthologies together (Rejected for Content 3 & Fresh Meat). They had a ripping writing style that struck me as pulpy and brutal–a nice fit for the Double Barrel Horror project I was dreaming up. I was lucky enough to convince them to contribute a couple of stories to my anthology. And judging from the past year, it seems their star is rising quickly in the horror genre, because I now come across their names all over social media.

I bugged Michelle and Melissa for an interview and, gracious as always, they played ball. Here’s what’s new with the Sisters of Slaughter:

PBP: Please give us a brief author bio.

We are a twin sister writing team from Arizona. We’ve been published by Sinister Grin, Pint Bottle Press and Dark Fuse. Our novel, Mayan Blue, was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award.

Who are some of the authors, artists, musicians or filmmakers that had the most influence on your approach to writing fiction?

Brian Keene, Ronald Kelly, Clive Barker, Stephen King, Tobe Hooper, The Misfits, Christopher Lee, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. There’s an endless list. Real life accounts of supernatural occurrences, serial killers and unsolved mysteries, also mythology!

What project(s) are your working on currently?

We just finished a short story for a promo zine but can’t name the publisher yet. We’re also tackling two novels and one novella right now. We like to keep busy haha!

Have you two ever used your appearance as identical twins for diabolical purposes?

We used to switch classes in school all the time.

Any advice for new writers?

Keep writing and reading. Also don’t give up just because you get rejected, that comes with the territory.

Do you have a blog or website where people can keep track of your work?

We’re getting a blog together but for now our Facebook and Twitter pages are where we post updates on upcoming projects.

If you could pick any three currently active bands/musicians, who would you like to play a release party for your next book?

It would be cool to have the Danzig-era misfits play for us, also Blind Guardian or Opeth.

Look for the sisters’ forthcoming novel Those Who Follow, coming this summer from Bloodshot Books.



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