Five Minutes with Vic Kerry

Here at Ye Ole Blog, I’m going to run a series of brief “Five Minute” interviews with whoever I want to interview (that’s willing to grant me one). I’m beginning with Pint Bottle Press contributors, naturally. The first is from Alabama’s own Vic Kerry…

PBP: Please give us a brief author bio:

VK: Vic Kerry lives in Alabama with his wife, five dogs, and two cats. He’s the author of The Children of Lot, Revels Ending, and Thorazine Dreams. He has an MFA in writing popular fiction from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

PBP: Who are some of the authors, artists, musicians or filmmakers that had the most influence on your approach to writing fiction?

VK: I really like Jack Ketchum as an author; although, I’m not much of a splatter writer. My mentors from Seton Hill are important authors to me as well: Scott Johnson and Michael A. Arnzen. I also like Dario Argento. I like a lot of gore to not use much of it my writing.

 PBP: What project(s) are your working on currently?

VK: Currently, I am shopping around two completed novels. I am slowly working on some short stories for a possible loosely themed collection.

PBP: How would you react to finding a mannequin’s head at the foot of your front door with a knife protruding from it along with a note that reads, “You”?

VK: If I found a mannequin head with a knife in it with my name written on it, I’d probably laugh. I have had more serious threats on my life than that.

PBP: Any advice for new writers?

VK: Advice to new writers is to read and write. Read and write. Read and write. Read and write. Eventually, you get pretty good at it.

PBP: Do you have a blog or website where people can keep track of your work?

VK: I don’t keep a blog. I mostly post updates about work on Facebook.

PBP: What music do you want on the stereo while you defend your home from a horde of bloodthirsty maniacs?

VK: I believe that Dixieland Jazz would be playing when I defended my home from blood thirsty maniacs. It’s manic and strange enough choice to give me a psychological advantage.

You can check out Vic Kerry’s approach to dark fiction RIGHT HERE. —


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