Thor Dreams Cover LR2

My home state of Alabama is not exactly a hotbed of art and culture, despite a lot of good people making the effort. There are concentrations in the larger cities as well as exceptions to this rule in every small town, but football, church socials, mud-riding and deer-hunting rule the day down here, and writers in particular are few and far between. Shockingly, I came across another horror writer in Vic Kerry, however. He hails from Jasper, Alabama, and after working with him on the Double Barrel Horror anthology  we decided to publish his new book of shorts stories Thorazine Dreams through Pint Bottle Press. Previously published by Samhain Publishing, Vic Kerry is the author of the novels The Children of Lot and Revels Ending plus the novella Decoration Day.

Check out this killer review of his story collection from And buy Thorazine Dreams in paperback or Kindle download at Amazon!

*By the way, there actually are a few more horror writers in the state. Most notably the reclusive Robert McCammon lives in the Birmingham area. Two other ‘Bama horror writers are John Mantooth and Bret Talley.


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