SEVEN FEET UNDER from Sinister Grin Press

In hopes of reaching a wider audience for myself and Pint Bottle Press, I published the follow-up story collection to A Dark & Winding Road with Sinister Grin Press, which had previously published one of my stories in the Fresh Meat anthology. Seven Feet Under serves up “Seven Twisted Tales from America’s Deep South.”

My hope is that I’m gradually building a kind of Southern-fried mythology with my short story series. The Deep South in question is specifically set in my home state of Alabama. Most of the stories take place in one of two neighboring small towns, Trapper Valley or Shady Brake, which are inspired by the actual small-town trifecta of Fultondale/Gardendale/Mount Olive located in North Jefferson County, Alabama.

When growing up reading horror stories and watching scary movies, I was kind of bummed that my own stomping grounds didn’t have much of a horror heritage. Hats off to Kathryn Tucker Windham’s beloved 13 Alabama Ghosts, but that children’s storybook didn’t have quite enough teeth for my taste. So, I decided to invent the folklore myself. Whereas Texas is known for its Chainsaw Massacre, Pittsburgh is known for Romero’s zombies, and New Jersey has its Jersey Devil, I’m trying to brand Alabama with my own Twisted Tales. I don’t know if it will ever stick, but I’m having fund giving it a shot.

Check out this review of Seven Feet Under from Horror Addicts.

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