Double Barrel What?

I had a couple stories that I held back from Seven Feet Under because I thought that even though they were fairly gruesome, they were maybe a bit too tongue-in-cheek for the rest of the book. I have a tendency toward dark humor–sometimes to a fault–and maybe it subverts some of my stories’ tension or mood … but I too often can’t resist, and I gotta be me.

So, to fill a lag between releases around the time that Sinister Grin had picked up Seven Feet, I thought I’d release the stories “Beware, the Whammy” and “Swallowed” as a two-story eBook, which I’d seen some other authors do. But unless an author has already established a loyal readership, the likelihood of a two-shot eBook getting much traction is pretty slim. But what if the eBook were part of a series of eBooks, all with the same visual branding, each containing two-stories from a single author? Kind of like Two-fer Tuesday on my local classic rock radio station. I hadn’t seen anyone attempt to brand eBook shorts as a series, so I gave it a whirl. I knew that Amanda Hard from my critique group at had an unpublished story, “Chef & the Maiden” which I particularly liked, so I recruited her to come up with the first two-fer.

Then I thought, if double-branding the eBooks is a good idea, then tripling it would be even better. This idea metastasized into a six-eBook series with writers who I’d crossed paths with in earlier shared anthologies. Maybe if I price the eBooks cheap enough, they’ll sell–how about a buck?

Truth is I don’t even own a Kindle. I guess I’m old-fashioned because a book doesn’t feel “real” to me unless I can old it in my hand. Thus, I collected all the Double Barrel Horror stories into a single paperback collection (also available as a single eBook anthology).

And now, I’m working on Double Barrel Horror, Volume 2 with six different authors. Click the HERE to jump to the Amazon page with all the Volume 1 releases.



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