What the heck am I doing here?

This is the official blog of Pint Bottle Press, which is owned by writer/editor/publisher Matthew “Matt” Weber. That’s me. I’ve delayed starting a blog for a very long time because I am spread very thin with my time commitments. In fact, I run a different blog for my day job at Extreme How-To magazine, so adding another time-sink hasn’t been a top priority. However, promoting Pint Bottle Press titles is a priority, and that’s why this blog exists.

PBP is a small “boutique” publisher that focuses primarily (but not strictly) on dark pulp fiction. We actually began with the non-horror novel The Bull which Kirkus Reviews described as a “small-town political drama,” and we’ve even published an illustrated children’s book titled I Want to be a Monster When I Grow Up. Basically, we will publish whatever we think is super cool.

Some of our books are written by yours truly, and  I know, I know  — the world is lousy with hack self-publishers. But  frankly we’re a cut above–and Pint Bottle Press publishes a number of authors, and that number is growing.

I’ve worked in the publishing business since 2001, and since 2003 I’ve been editor-in-chief of a newsstand magazine that’s distributed nationally throughout the U.S. and Canada. So when I finished writing my first book and researched the possibly years-long process of submitting it to a publisher (or 20), waiting months or longer to hear a reply with no guarantee of acceptance, plus an even longer wait to see it published if it does get accepted, I figured screw that. Since I’d been churning out a magazine a month for the past several years, the lag time typical of the book publishing business seemed absurd to me, so I decided to take The Bull by the horns and release it myself. Thus, the birth of Pint Bottle Press.

Our titles are professionally edited and produced, and the paperbacks are available for purchase through Amazon as well as the Ingram Spark platform that serves book retailers and libraries worldwide. In addition to my own material, we’ve released fiction from Vic Kerry, J.C. Michael, K. Trap Jones, Amanda Hard, Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason.

We’ve got a couple new titles coming soon, including Double Barrel Horror, Volume 2, which will feature twelve stories from six new authors. Plus, I’ll be putting out a third collection of my own stories in the near future.

I’m tired of writing, so this ends Blog Post #1. I’ll post again soon, but in the meantime you can check out our website at www.pintbottlepress.com.


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